Client Testimonial: Marshall University Men’s Soccer

Marshall University is based in Huntingdon, West Virginia and competes in Division 1’s Conference USA. In 2019, The Herd posted a 16-3-3 record and were crowned the C-USA Regular Season and Tournament Champions. They reached the Sweet 16 as the #11 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.


“We’ve always been advocates of using sport science and GPS units to improve performance, and TITAN’s platform allows us to do that very well. However, in the time of COVID where monitoring players load is that much more important during their resocialization to training, TITAN has helped us monitor our training to the finest detail, and so far we have avoided any serious injuries associated with return to play.”

– Chris Grassie, Head Coach


The normal (pre-covid) collegiate season typically sees programs commencing their season in August and concluding their season by November or December, depending on how far they advance within the NCAA Tournament. The nature of collegiate soccer is very physically demanding due to the short time in between games, with every game having a specific level of importance along with all the other academic responsibilities that collegiate athletes have as well. Less time for coaches to prepare and less time for athletes to recover makes it all the more important to measure and manage loads appropriately throughout the week in order to ensure that the players are not overexerting themselves or under training.

Assistant coach Josh Faga is tasked with organizing the team periodization, opponent analysis, video analysis, tactical developments, and various roles in the execution of training. In addition to his tactical contributions, Faga is a Specialist in Strength and Conditioning (SSC) through the International Sports Sciences Association as well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He collects wellness data from the players via our TITAN Athlete app and manages training loads through daily GPS data collection from each player. Coach Faga had this to say about the benefits of using our analytics platform:

“TITAN allows us to monitor both the intensity and volume of our training sessions. Following COVID-19, a gradual build up in both training volume and intensity was necessary. TITAN has supported our decision making and helped us guarantee a gradual build up by avoiding large increases in running and sprinting volume from week to week.”

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